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The list below is the
to ship 65 pounds
of meat to the
following cities.  Sixty-five pounds is the first level purchase price discount weight.

Atlanta, GA = 79¢
Austin, TX = 41¢
Boston, MA = 90¢
Columbus, OH = 79¢
Chicago, IL = 60¢
Dallas, TX = 35¢
Denver, CO = 53¢
Houston, TX = 48¢
Los Angeles, CA = 88¢
Lubbock, TX = 48¢
Miami, FL = 88¢
Milwaukee, WI = 88¢
Minneapolis, MN = 88¢
Montgomery, AL = 53¢
Nashville, TN = 53¢
New Orleans, LA = 53¢
New York, NY = 88¢
Oklahoma City, OK = 48¢
Phoenix, AZ = 79¢
Saint Louis, MO = 53¢
San Diego, CA = 88¢
San Francisco, CA = 90¢
Salt Lake City, UT = 79¢
Seattle, WA = 90¢
Tampa, FL = 79¢
Texarkana, TX = 35¢
Waco, TX = 35¢
Wichita Falls, TX = 35¢

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866-SLANKER (752-6537)

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3255 CR 45400
Powderly, TX 75473
near Paris, TX

Grassfed is best!


Don't be fooled by food myths.

Personal service via the phone, fax, or emails.
Orders are crafted for best value, least-cost shipping methods,
discounts given for larger orders, suggestions provided, etc.

To BUY ONLINE go Direct to Slanker's Online Grass-Fed Meat Store
To purchase from our Ranch Store stay on this page and follow the instructions.

 Necessary Information for
Ordering and Shipping

Call us for
Same-Day E-mail Gift Certificates
Custom Gift Packs
Call 866-SLANKER (752-6537)
of our local number 903-732-4653

Real people answer our phones during business hours.  Carolyn and Sandra.
The 866 number is a toll free call.

We accept all Major Credit Cards.

* No Sales Taxes On Food *
* Straightforward Pricing *
* You Select the Cuts You Desire *
* Lowest-Cost Shipping Alternatives *
* Personalized Service *

This is America's Leading Web Site Providing "Real Food" for The Real Diet of Man.  That diet is a modern adaptation of a diet that replicates the nutritional values of the Paleo, Hunter Gatherer, and/or Caveman diets.

       We have more than 180 different meat products plus a growing variety of other "real" foods.  Very few products weigh the same.  Consequently "internet-style shopping carts" consisting of preboxed products are too impersonal and restrictive for many of our more discriminating customers.  To satisfy their particular needs, we go the extra mile to provide old-fashioned, personalized service.  At times we can even provide special meat cuts such as thicker cuts, special roasts, and other requests.  On the other hand, since the grass-fed meat business is still a "Mom and Pop thing" we can't possibly be as flexible as the specialty meat markets with their access to mass-produced grain-fed meats.  Plus, the tiny size of the grass-fed meat industry means it does not have a Big Business infrastructure.  Therefore, we can't possibly keep every item in stock every week of the year.  Folks demanding Big Business, supermarket-type ( availability don't understand that we can't compete on that level.  What we can do is service Americans who are focused on nutrition, improving their quality of life, and are capable of dealing with the realities of small-time Mom and Pop businesses.
       The best way to order or get answers to your questions is to contact us with a conventional e-mail message (second best method) or (the best way) use our toll-free telephone number 866-SLANKER (752-6537) or local line 903-732-4653.  When you call, have your shopping list ready.  For an example of what an order looks like and how to estimate its cost visit our FAQ Web page.  When you contact us, you'll be communicating with a "real human being" (usually Caroline or Sandra -- sometimes Norm).  Naturally we want to make your purchasing experience a satisfying one.  (Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats is the marketing "division" of our real working cattle ranch and it is located right on the ranch!  Therefore if you call and the answering machine answers, PLEASE leave a message.  We WILL call you back -- if we can understand the number.)
       As alluded to above, the grass-based production system can briefly restrict the availability of certain cuts and/or livestock meat products.  Also, at times customers come in spurts and their orders exceed the prearranged processing rates for some cuts.  Nevertheless, we always have a wide variety of meat cuts 365 days a year.  So if you want meat, now is the time to call.
       Yes, grass-fed meats cost more than Wal Mart's meats.  But our meats are not "enhanced" with a 12% solution of water and chemicals to retain the water.  Our meat is not mass produced by huge feedlots that feed grain nor is it processed in huge, very efficient factories.  That's why "real" foods usually cost more.  They are literally produced, processed, and transported the old fashioned way.  But you can make your shopping with us more affordable by ordering in bulk.  Read on.

 Seasonal Availability of Some Products
       Grass-fed livestock products are impacted by the seasons.  But we do our best to always have a good assortment of cuts on hand at all times.  Go to Seasonal for more information on how we produce the highest quality grass-fed meats.

Minimum Order
       The minimum, practical shipping order is 20 pounds totaling no less than $100.  In the past, folks who ordered less were disappointed because they had to reorder so soon.  Worst of all our costs were higher and so were the customers' shipping costs per pound.  Consequently we set a minimum to make doing business more efficient for both the buyer and the seller.  In most cases the lowest cost-per-pound shipping costs are for orders in increments of about 65 pounds and that is where our pricing discounts kick in.  See below.
       Since 35 pounds of meat will fit in a cubic foot, a 20-pound shipment is very small; about the size of a shoe box for boots.  Many customers are amazed at the savings they gain when they order in bulk.  In most cases, our 4% discount on orders of about 65 pounds will pay a good portion of the shipping costs.  There's an 8% discount on orders of about 130 pounds and a 12% discount on orders reaching 195 pounds!
       During the hottest days of summer, some of the meat cuts in small 20-pound orders shipped via 4-Day Ground can experience some partial thawing (they'll be very cold, but not hard as a rock on arrival).  Cold meat is still very safe to eat (for instance meat from a grocery store is only cool at best when you get it home) and can be refrozen without damaging the meat.  But if even the remotest possibility of thawed meat concerns you we suggest a larger order (larger orders travel much better and lower your per-pound shipping costs) or you can use 3-Day Select, 2-Day Air, or even Next-Day Air if needed.  No matter which shipping method you choose, if we agree with your choice WE are responsible for the meat arriving in safe condition.  Safe condition means the temperature of the meat is 50 degrees or less in the box.  That is about the same temperature meat will be that you bring home from a grocery store.  The USDA's "safe" temperature for storing refrigerated meat is 40 degrees -- and that is for storing.  In nearly all cases our meats arrive frozen hard as a rock.  If the shipping company delays a shipment for some reason (usually incompetence or inclement weather) our super-insulated shipping boxes are designed to hold the cold for longer than the required shipping time.
       Our goal is to minimize your shipping costs and make our grass-fed meats more affordable.  We build special boxes with industrial-quality insulation to protect your orders so you can comfortably take advantage of less expensive Ground Shipping services.  Once again, if meat is lost, delayed, or misdirected in route by the shipper and ends up spoiled when you receive it, we pick up the tab!  So the shipping method is just as important for us as it is for you.  Click here for comprehensive shipping information.

Volume Buyer's Discount
       When you purchase about 65 pounds of meat and/or dairy products we'll knock 4% off your purchase price.  Purchase about 130 pounds and we'll knock off 8%!  The discount jumps to 12% on orders reaching 195 pounds!  Get a group together for a large purchase and you can dramatically reduce your shipping costs.  See below.

Shipping Costs
       To speed up the loading of this page we created a separate page for the shipping cost tables, zone maps, etc.  From the information on that page you can calculate your approximate shipping costs for various scenarios.  When you click on our Shipping Cost Tables page you'll see why our low-cost shipping rates have made us a popular source for grass-fed meats with folks on both coasts!  As you can see from the map below we are centrally located within the continental United States, and that helps us provide excellent service coast to coast.  Click here to view the "Shipping Cost Tables."

This map illustrates how close we are to most locations.  We ship to all 50 states.

       So what do really good-for-the-body grass-fed meats cost?  For various cuts and straightforward pricing click on the appropriate link:

Beef   Lamb   Goat

       You are also invited to "visit the ranch" and make your purchases in person.  We have a small office-store-freezer complex that sits in a grove of trees literally in the middle of a couple of pastures.  Drive in on the "cow path" and watch critters graze up close and personal while relaxing on the porch.

Bulk Purchases
       We also sell beef by halves and quarters.  Go to our Beef Page for full details.

It's Time to Start Eating Smart
       NOW is the time to start eating smart.  Contact Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats right now via e-mail of our national toll free number and put in your personalized meat order for real nutritious meat.  When e-mailing include your name, the meat order, physical shipping address, telephone number, and payment particulars.  We will respond personally to your order and questions.  (Please leave a message on the answering machine if it answers.  We are a ranch and we're not always sitting in the office.)

Our e-mail address is:
The toll free number is: 866-SLANKER (752-6537)
The local number is:  903-732-4653

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Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats ships meats to the following states:
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California
Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia
Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa
Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland
Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri
Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey
New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio
Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina
South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont
Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming
Obviously, Slanker's is where folks from Dallas and the surrounding DFW area, Austin, Houston, Lubbock, San Antonio, and elsewhere in Texas buy their grass-fed meats.  Yet in spite of our popularity in Texas, we still have more customers in Connecticut than we do in our own Lamar county!

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