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Grass-Fed Chicken Eggs
Grass-Fed Eggs

100% Grass-Fed Chicken Eggs are in very short supply.  The
number is so small that we only fill a handful of orders a year.

They are only available at the Ranch Store and there is no shipping.

When we are out the next best bet is

Grass-Fed Chicken Eggs

       In season we literally have Real McCoy, 100% Grass-Fed Chicken Eggs.  Our laying hens dine on grass, bugs (that eat grass mostly), grubs, and whatever animal they can catch and kill.  (Chickens actually eat everything under the sun.)  We do not feed our laying hens.  They are as close to being "wild" as they can get.  If it snows, we will feed our chickens alfalfa pellets.  We don't want them to go hungry.  But other than that they are on their own.
       Grass-fed chicken eggs are very seasonal.  A 100% grass-fed chicken will not lay eggs during the coldest and/or hottest months of the year.  When available (spring and fall) we sell six dozen eggs at a time.  The eggs can be purchased at the ranch for $4.00 per dozen when available.

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